Rotary Matters

Arrow 92.7 FM

'Rotary Matters' is an hour-long radio programme broadcast
on Arrow 92.7 FM Community Access Radio
The show was conceived by Steve Lillyston
from the South Wairarapa Rotary Club
which funded the show’s initial year (2013 – 2014).

Rotary Matters

Arrow 92.7 FM Community Access Radio
The purpose of this show is to inform the Wairarapa community about Rotary. 
It seeks to explain the purpose of Rotary, to let people know what the Wairarapa Rotary clubs are doing (or have done recently), 
and also to give updates on key Rotary projects such as “End Polio Now”.  


The show is currently produced by six people: Steve Lillyston, Venia Trott and David Halford from South Wairarapa Rotary, Donna Laing from Masterton Rotary, Marilyn Bouzaid from Masterton South Rotary, and Jenny Chalmers from Carterton Rotary.


'Rotary Matters' is intended to be interesting, informative and educational. Guest speakers will be invited on the show to help explain various aspects of Rotary, or to explain how Rotary has helped them (or the group they represent). Sometimes, the guest speaker will be a Rotary club member who is ….well, just interesting.


To listen to 'Rotary Matters', either tune into 92.7FM at 2:30pm on the first Friday of each month, or access and click on “listen live”.

The most recent TV with pictures video will be displayed there, or you can use menu links to find other information and the last 3 podcasts.


Listen for the 'Rotary Matters' show at 2:30pm on the first Friday of each month, with a repeat broadcast

P O Box 64, Greytown, 5742

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