Who can apply
for funding?

Anyone can apply to the
South Wairarapa Rotary Club for funding. 

What do I need to know?

Check terms and conditions below

Community grants Kuranui/Te Kura Bursaries

When Can I Apply?

Community and Youth Grants

Community grants and Vocational/Youth grants may be applied for whenever required


Bursary applications open around August each year.  The dates will be advertised at the colleges nearer the time.  Bookmark and come back then.

How Can I Apply?

Select your application form below

Community grants Kuranui/Te Kura Bursaries Vocational/Youth grant

Community grants

Complete the Community grants form online and submit it

Bursaries/youth grants

Download the application form with the button above, complete and email your application to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., and it will be submitted to the appropriate funding committee for consideration. You will be advised of their decision in due course or contacted in order to discuss aspects of the application they might need to know more about.

Community funding

Funding for community initiatives.
To foster the betterment and enjoyment of residents of the South Wairarapa district and to benefit as many as possible within the South Wairarapa community.

Kuranui college and Correspondence School Bursaries

Funding to help Kuranui college students gain tertiary education.

Taratahi College Bursary

Designed to assist South Wairarapa students to attend the Farming School, who would otherwise have to depend solely on Student loans, or for whom, the prospect of a Student Loan is untenable.. This bursary is on hold

Youth and Vocational Grants:

Grants of money specifically for enabling South Wairarapa youth to achieve in their elected vocations.

Rotary Funding

Start Planning your your future

South Wairarapa Rotary gives away up to $65,000 each year,
in grants, bursaries and finance for community projects

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