Who can apply for Rotary Funding?

Information sheets

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When can I apply?

Funding is generally considered all year round

Community and Youth/Aged care-related funding

Community grants and Vocational/Youth grants may be applied for whenever required


Bursary applications open around August each year.  The dates will be advertised at the colleges nearer the time.  Bookmark and come back then.

Community Funding

Funding for community initiatives and enjoyment of residents of the South Wairarapa district 

College bursaries

Funding to help Kuranui college students cope with their tertiary education.


Grants of money specifically for enabling South Wairarapa youth to achieve in their elected vocations.

Aged care support

Grants of money specifically for caring for South Wairarapa senior ctizens.


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Need Help?

Our funding team will contact you for details and clarification. We’ll be glad to help you apply.