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Covers the travel of students from Kuranui College and also our club’s contribution to the catering for presenters and volunteers.

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Martinborough Volunteer Fire Brigade

Martinborough Volunteer Fire Brigade

Funds donated towards fitting out a new 4WD Incident Support Vehicle based in Martinborough but available for calls throughout the Wairarapa


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Rotary Youth Driving Awards

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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

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Rotary Youth Program of Enrichment

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Spirit of Adventure

For 10 year 10 students to go on a Spirit voyage. The team won the voyage challenge.

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Life Flight Trust

Life Flight Trust

Life Flight flies people to the urgent medical care they need. This dramatically improves their chance of survival and recovery.

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Shelter Box

ShelterBox is an international disaster relief charity that provides emergency shelter and life-saving supplies to families around the world who are affected by disasters.

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Grant to Aratoi Arts Center

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Sponsor student for RYLA January 2018

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Project M

They make muffins for children who arrive at school with no food for lunch.

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May 2018.  $700 for 2 students

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Autism NZ

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Rotary Youth Leadership Awards

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Curtis Cup Team

Year 7 Boys’ Wairarapa Hockey Team (5 South Wairarapa players)

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Martinborough Fair Bursaries

$4500 for one bursary

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Kuranui College – Wellbeing project

Equipment and expenses for activities set up by the youth workers who are employed by Kuranui, St Luke’s Church Greytown and The Wairarapa Whanau Trust.