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May 2018.  $700 for 2 students

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Covers the travel of students from Kuranui College and also our club’s contribution to the catering for presenters and volunteers.

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Sponsor student for RYLA January 2018

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Books for new entrants

All South Wairarapa Primary Schools.

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Outward Bound Trust

Travel to Outward Bound Course

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Hatch Cup Team

Year 8 Boys’ Wairarapa Hockey Team (5 South Wairarapa players)

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Curtis Cup Team

Year 7 Boys’ Wairarapa Hockey Team (5 South Wairarapa players)

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Kuranui College Peer Support

This is for training and resources: the College is starting Peer Support again after a lapse of several years.

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Kuranui College – Wellbeing project

Equipment and expenses for activities set up by the youth workers who are employed by Kuranui, St Luke’s Church Greytown and The Wairarapa Whanau Trust.

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Greytown School for special needs student

Programme for 2 terms

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Spirit of Adventure

For 10 year 10 students to go on a Spirit voyage. The team won the voyage challenge.

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Student assistance

Contribution for Kuranui College student to attend the Globe Theatre workshop 

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Carterton Swimming Club

Expenses for training camp for  2 South Wairarapa junior swimmers. All qualify for national championships.

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Writing workshop

Book publication of student writing in all three Featherston Primary Schools

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Project M

They make muffins for children who arrive at school with no food for lunch.

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The Maths competition for schools. If they apply we usually support them

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National Science and technology Forum

Kuranui Student sponsership

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Primary schools - Atlases

One for each year 4 class or library 

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Innovative Young Minds

Will go ahead in 2018 – funding 2 students from Kuranui at a cost of $450 each

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Primary schools - Dictionaries

One for each year 5 student in South Wairarapa Primary Schools