Moris‚Äčon's Bush Camp

Bryan Tucker's camping ground gets its first permanent loo

Morison's bush

Mary Mason, chair of South Wairarapa's Environment Committee and land owner/fellow Rotarian and committee member Bryan Tucker have conspired to make this project a reality.

Morisons Bush is part of Bryan Tuckers property and is a much loved local camping ground.   

Over the years the secret has come out about this beautiful, pristine area available for camping by the river for a nominal fee.   

The camping ground is relatively unimproved, preserving the natural beauty and aspects of the area
This means there are no facilities so campers are expected to provide their own and take everything away when they leave.   

It was brought to our attention by Ruth Langlands that some of the day, or short time visitors were not self sufficient and were leaving their deposits plus paper behind bushes and in the grass.   

We all agreed that was not something to be sanctioned at Morisons. 

Planning team

The South Wairarapa Rotary Club Environment committee, comprising: Anne Smith, Bryan Tucker, Jim Law, Neil McCallum and Director Mary Mason started making enquiries, with assistance from the Langlands, about camping loos.  

The Wilderness loo was agreed upon as being of hardy construction and the Rotary Club agreed to our expenditure of $6,000.00 with Bryan Tucker generously agreeing to pick up any extra costs.   

The loo was subsequently ordered, and we were given a target delivery date of May, but to our delight it arrived early.

Bryan conspired to get the unit installed for the Easter weekend with the help of his son Trevor and grandson Oliver, along with Jamie Morison a contractor from Greytown.


Jamie arrived with his specialist earthworking equipment and bored the 3 metre hole required.   Oliver then lifted the loo into place on the raised platform, Jamie compacted the earth and formed a gravel path from the gate and hey presto it was done.   We were mere onlookers but what an exciting operation.   

Bryan has since run a water line from another part of the farm on to the fence beside the loo and installed a tap so people can wash their hands and keep the loo clean.   Thanks to everyone involved, a fantastic outcome we think.

Just an aside - ALL the donations that people give for staying at Morisons Bush Bryan then donates to various charities.  We are very happy to be involved in this project.